Educational effectiveness, virtual reality and learner experience = WiDiD Immersive


WiDiD immersive allows you to broadcast your own VR content, access the WiDiD content catalog and collect useful learning data.


To promote the motivation of the learners, the platform uses the basics of gamification, badges, points, classification…

Progress tracking

Learners can see their progress with each training session (like jogging with a connected watch) and are more involved because they are actors of their progress.

Learning “coach”

To learn by practicing is also to exchange with a learning coach who gives us the keys to progress in our learning.

Version web responsive

Responsive, WiDiD immersive est accessible depuis tous les écrans. Pour s’adapter aux besoins des managers et apprenants, la version mobile leur permet de suivre leurs progrès et ceux de leurs équipes en continu.