Agile and experienced, we assist you in your projects

The right choices

New tools, buzz words, new learner behaviors... it's easy to get lost.

We help you understand YOUR learners, YOUR context and define your REAL needs,

we present you with several options and guide you in your choices.

The right skills at the right price

The right person for the right job, that's the main thing!

We bring together the necessary skills for your project without the structural costs of a larger company

and without the of a larger company and without the risks inherent to a direct working relationship with freelancers.

The right approach

You know your employees, you know your business, but data, technology, and innovative pedagogy are not your business, they're ours.
Together we will be the best team to build the learning experiences your employees need to grow your business.

Research program

Our R&D program has been validated by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. It is supported by the Public Investment Bank and the Occitanie Region.
We collaborate with several university laboratories in various fields: information-communication, educational sciences, neuroscience, data science...


Our team is composed of pedagogical engineers, computer engineers, digital experts, and design experts, all of whom have worked in a variety of environments: start-ups, university labs, large companies, and higher education institutions.